Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

I just spent a marvelous couple days in the Booth Bay Harbor area of Maine. The highlight of my trip was a day long visit to the beautiful Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. This is a relatively new garden and was the brain child of Maine residents who felt the area needed a botanical garden. The concept  and planning for this beautiful garden began back in 1991 and it first opened its doors to the public in June of 2007.  The garden covers 270 acres  of tidal shorefront. It is a beautifully designed space that makes aesthetic use of the impressive outcrops of native rock.  There are several miles of trails that wind through lovely woodland gardens and provide spectacular ocean views. The upper gardens are planted with swaths of perennials and annuals that create a vivid tapestry of texture and color. Any garden lover should make the time to tour this garden if they are in the New England area.  I'm already planning to visit again before the summer is over. Hmmmm, maybe a fall trip too.....

I loved this sculpture that shimmered and moved with every slight breeze.

Benthamidia japonica 'Samzam' (Samaritan Dogwood) Phlox paniculata 'Danielle'

The Symphytum 'Axminster Gold' is coming in nicely after pruning off the flower stalks.

Living walls looking beautiful with some terrific looking lobelia.  I've never been able to grow it well beyond mid summer. These were superbly grown.

The path winds down in front of the waterfall so the viewer is eye level with the surface of the upper pond.

Love the reflections of the golden grasses.

Gentiana triflora var. montana

Shasta 'Becky' with Coleus 'Religious Radish'

Syneilesis aconitifolia (Shredded Umbrella Plant)

Love this Platycodon, Blue Fescue combination

The Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' were stunning

Spiraea 'Anthony Waterer'

Delphiniums were at their peak of perfection

Calycanthus 'Aprohdite'