Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bloom Day - October 2014

It's difficult to believe that we are now in the middle of October and the garden season is essentially  done for 2014 except for some cleanup and planting a few bulbs. I still have to clean a few more bromeliads and get them in the house under lights but the bulk of the tender plants are now indoors for the winter.

It's been a busy month since I last posted. We've had the tree fellows removing the fallen trees and the contractors rebuilding the back corner of the house and of course the insurance adjustor has been here a few times but the good news is that all the exterior damage to the house is repaired and looks just as good as new. We still have to have the ceilings painted where we got water damage but that's not critical.  

I wandered about with camera in hand looking for a few late season flowers and there was more than I thought there would be. There's still plenty of pretty stuff out there so without further ado, some October blossoms for Bloom Day.  Thanks to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting our monthly bloom fest.