Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Foliage Follow Up - September 2012

Well, I'm late with getting this together because I've been getting into the  "hack it all back and start getting all this stuff in the house mode".  Our last safe frost date here is end of September. The last few years we haven't gotten a hard frost until the end of October but one never knows. I've got hundreds of tender plants including a collection of bromeliads, begonias and calatheas... and on and on...

Thanks to Pam/Digging for being our hostess for this foliage extravaganza!
Some of the Vrieseas....
 V. Heiroglyphica

V. Ehiku

V. Gigantia Nova

V. Snows of Mauna Kea

V. Kiwi Sunset
Neoregelia 'Hanibal Lecter'

Neoregelia hybrid

Neoregelia correia-araujoi albomarginata
Neoregelia hyrbids

Neoregelia 'Picasso' non variegated
Neoregelia 'Picasso'

Neoregalia 'Big Mac'
Cordyline terminalis 'Chocolate Queen'

Calathea 'Burle Marx'
Coleus 'Big Red Judy'
Coleus 'Sedona'
Coleus 'Peter Wonder'
Coleus 'India Frills'
Coleus sport from 'Tilt-a-Whirl'

Calathea makoyana


Hydreangea 'Little Honey'

Acalypha 'Jungle Dragon'
Acalypha 'Raggedy Ann'

Canna 'Pretoria'
Canna 'Pink Sunburst'

Achemea blanchetiana

Euphorbia tirucalii 'Sticks on Fire'

Colocasia 'Mojito'

Ensete maurelii - Red Abyssinian Banana

Colocasia esculente

Athyrium nipponicum 'Pictum' and Begonia 'Wild Pony'



  1. Wow, you have a lot of great tropical foliage -- such gorgeous leaves! And the names of some are fun too -- 'Hannibal Lecter'?? My fave, I think, is Cordyline 'Chocolate Queen'. Thanks for joining in the leafy celebration.

    1. Thanks Pam, I'm a collector of way too many plants and I love them all. The tropicals take over my house in another month or so. The freezing weather isn't too far off now and I really have to fire up the lights and get the tender stuff in the house.

  2. Glorious foliage Deanne! With leaves like that, you almost don't need flowers!

    1. Many thanks, I completely agree that with great foliage one doesn't need flowers. But then again, I love them too

  3. Wowza! Maybe next year I'll do the foliage follow up too. I certainly have enough of it. I feel like we're going to get an early frost this year. Too many cold nights for mid September.

    1. I know Sue, it has been pretty cold at night the last week or so. I'm really hoping I can get another three to four weeks so I get one good bloom out of 'Charles Grimaldi'.

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  5. Wow! For a New Englander, you have a marvelous selection of tropical foliage! I loved all of it. I hope it all survives the winter inside. I used to live in Massachusetts, so I know about early frost dates. Hauling all of that into the house and keeping it alive is a chore and a half.

    1. Thanks Alison, it is, indeed, a chore and a half to get my tropical things in the house for the winter but is a labor of love.

  6. I love your planters. Sorry about your storm damage. Where do you get your Acalyphas from? I just love them, but rarely see them for purchase.

    1. Thanks Melanie, I love Acalyphas too but they are pretty hard to come by. I've been collecting them for years now. My A. 'Raggedy Anne' is five years old now. I found the A. 'Jungle Dragon' at Frizzome Gardens this past spring, I've had my Wilksiana and Obovatas for several years as well. I prune them back and winter them over under lights.